Oxford Prep Leadership Opens Dialogue and Announce Changes

The lines of communication were opened as our Executive Administration team traveled to speak before the Orange County Board of Education (OCBOE), Oxford Prep-Saddleback Valley’s charter authorizer. During the regular meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, Interim Executive Director Denise Pascoe, Interim Managing Director Andrew Crowe, and Oxford Board Secretary Alberto Diaz, presented an organizational update and recovery plan, highlighting changes in the Board of Directors, executive administration, and business and governance policies.

Yesterday’s meeting with the OCBOE followed a full day of Parent Update Meetings as our directors made stops at all three Oxford Prep campuses. Tuesday’s gatherings shared recent changes in our school organization and provided an opportunity for the parents of Oxford Prep to ask questions.

The January 10th meetings began with a discussion on the corrective actions Oxford Prep has taken in response to the FCMAT and recent VLS audit report findings. Over the course of the presentation, our new leadership team shared our organization’s focus on ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency with the parents and supporters of our schools. Updates to Oxford Prep-Chino Valley’s renewal were also provided.

Those unable to attend the parent update meeting enjoyed a live stream of the final meeting at Chino Valley’s campus. An archive of the video can be seen below.